Gamma Blue 11s

Air Jordan 11 "Gamma Blue" These kicks are a great look with black. The blue and gold lends itself to other colors but we feel like black is dope, and definitely in. So on the left side we went with a hoodie that goes with the kicks. The UNDRCRWN hoodie has made a reprise for the Gammas after success with the BREDs. For the tee underneath we took it to a holiday flow with Ralphie from A Christmas Story. For the legs you have the flush black jeans. On the right side a bit more of the same. We went with raw denim which correlates well with the gamma blue. For the shirt you have a dope tribute to the greatest basketball player to touch the court: Michael Jordan. Up top to accent the the kicks we’ve added a baseball jacket. The golden accents on jacket rock well with the kicks.

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